Thursday, 12 December 2013

Family entertainment in Johannesburg

Life in Johannesburg is as busy as it gets in South Africa. As the economic hub of the country, Johannesburg is full of families working late nights, spending very little time together and becoming increasingly stressed out without much hope of relaxation. However, there is a whole host of possibilities available for the entire family to enjoy on the weekend, or on one of those rare public holidays that everyone looks forward to.

Spending time with the kids is something that a lot of men in the fast paced city would like to do more of, but simply struggle to find the time, but finding a day to spend enjoying the entertainment available all over the city is a good day to relax with your loved ones. Depending on what you and your family enjoy doing, many fun things to do in Johannesburg can take up much of the day, so it might be a good idea to plan accordingly.

For instance, the many historical places to visit around the city, including the Apartheid Museum, the Military History Museum, Origins Centre, Satyagraha House and Constitution Hill, are both entertaining and insightful, giving you the opportunity to learn something new while seeing endless amounts of interesting artifacts and models.

For those looking for more lighthearted fun, a trip to the Johannesburg Zoo will prove to be a full day affair, with exhibits and viewings of any animal you could imagine, and is, after all, one of the most exciting places for a child to explore. Other places of entertainment that will allow the kids to explore and have the time of their lives include, for example, Gold Reef City, with countless rides and games for everyone to enjoy, Adventure Golf, giving them the opportunity to challenge you, as well as themselves.

The Wonder Caves on the outskirts of the city offer exploration of another kind, with interesting and insightful tours traversing the many caverns and crevices that make up the vast network of caves underneath the area.

For the sport-oriented family, many stadiums and sport facilities around the city regularly host events, such as the world renowned Soccer City Stadium, hosting Premier Soccer League matches and rugby matches, and Ellis Park and Wanderers Cricket Stadium are also fantastic places to g and enjoy your favorite sporting events live and up close.

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